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Welcome to PostMaster Enterprise
PostMaster Enterprise WebMail enables you to access your e-mail from anywhere on the network by simply accessing the PostMaster Enterprise computer using a normal web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Privilege and Confidentiality Notice
All data / information sourced using PostMaster Enterprise WebMail is confidential and may be privileged. This information is intended only for the use of authorized individual or entity. Statutes and regulations prohibit you from making any unathorized disclosures related to the data contained in PostMaster Enterprise WebMail. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited by law.

Special Note
You need to configure your browser to allow creating pop-ups from the IP-Address of the PostMaster Enterprise machine. If pop-ups are disabled, please follow the process given below to enable the same
IE with Yahoo Blocker IE with Google Blocker IE with WinXP / Win 2K3
o Go to POPUP Block o Google will say Pop-up Blocked o Go to Tools>InternetOptions>Privacy
o Allow POPUPS From o Click on link to allow pop-ups from o In Pop-up Blocker go to settings
o Specify IP Address of PMEv7 Machine o Check IP Address of PMEv7 Machine o Specify IP Address of PMEv7 Machine
o Click on OK o Click on OK o Click on Add to add the IPAddress